Tuesday, 10 March 2009

IDAT 106 - Synthesis

Looking over the module so far I think that I have definately learnt to open my eyes more to what is going on around me. Working with these projects I have been asked to look deeper into the interaction of people and there surroundings.

In the first I learnt notation, how to show stuff visually which you cant nessasarily see or think about in a stationary photo i.e movement and density of populus. This has given me some good possible leads to follow in my final project and also I feel I have come up with some credible outcomes. The second worksop worked well off the back of the first one, this was were I mapped both GPS and bluetooth data, this enabled my to put something visible into a space. Whether it was coloured lines which represented invisible connections or a path which you wouldnt otherwise be able to see. Creating art by just walking round buildings filling a space with digital data. Then moving on to the live streaming section where I was given data to work with and I then came up with a visual outcome wich otherwise would have been invisible. The temperature clock, it allowed you to see the difference between the inner and outside temperatures of the building while giving a good idea of the time. Granted if i wanted it to be a functional piece it would need more work but visually its a good start. All in all, I have learnt that even if stuff is invisible it doesnt meen it cant be visibly represented.

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