Tuesday, 5 May 2009

IDAT 106 - 7 Final outcome

Working with the greenscreen and the sensors I came up with the temperature clock. At first I was looking at the difference in temperature between the outside and the inside of Portland Square. But I saw that the data did not change for the inside temperature. Misfortune and Technical issues gave me the opportunity to reconstruct my visual representation of temperature time. I thought about creating a shape which changes size based on temperature (based on the idea that heat causes stuff to expand) and when the size increases so does the colour temperature. i.e in cold weather small blue shape, in warm weather large shape with colours ranging from blue to red.

Looking at the masking tool on Flash I created a background layer which created the temperature gauge, cold colours in the centre gradually moving out to hotter colours on the outside.

I then created the mask layer which would be the one changing size and therefore displaying the temperature. For this I created a snowflake/flower shape, snowflake would work during the winter and colder months because the light blue colours would symbolise cold (ice) or flower for the warmer months, this would be a lot more colourful ranging from light blue to pink, red and orange.

Below is the outcome of the mask, this shape will resize with the code revealing the different colours.

Then moving on to the coding aspect, I acquired an actionscript 3 parser off a fellow peer. and using the sensors I created an "if" statement to change the size of my mask based on the temperature.

"if (CurrentTemp less than 0){
Resize(9.2); }"

This resized my mask creating the variation in size and colour based on the readings from the sensor (outside temperature). (Resize refers to a function created elsewhere in my code) The next challenge was to created the clock, for this i had to find the code to grab the number of minutes, hours and seconds from the current time I then had to make the code think that the 60th second , 60th minute and the 24th hour was at the top of the screen and 59th second, 59th minute and 23rd hour were at the bottom. Changing the position of my temperature gauges according to the time created my temperature clock.
This represents the temperature at less than 0 degrees:
Has the appearance of a snowflake which is relevant to the temperature.

This represents the temperature at less than 15 and above 10 degrees:
Brighter more vibrant colours increase with the temperature.

This represents the temperature at more than 30 degrees:
Summer temperature, Looks a like a flower now, which relates with the bright vibrant colours of summer months.

Here is a screen shot of my clock after 5 hours:

Looking at the movement within the my piece I thought it needed something else. So i decided to use another sensor number 37 which measures the wind speed. The shapes use now rotate speed relevent to the wind speed. So my final outcome visually represents both wind and temperature in the format of dropping shapes using the basis of a clock.

Here is my visual information display device or temperature clock.

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