Thursday, 7 July 2011

Updating Twitter and Facebook from Google+

Google+ is a great future tool with massive potential. But if you still don't want to leave the other social media networks completely update your statuses from Google + using a social media circle.

Facebook is the easy one, this tip comes from   Source Blog .

Log in to Facebook and then go to

At the bottom of the  page there is an email ending in "";

Copy this email address and head to your Google+ account.  Go to your circles page and click create circle.
Click add new person and insert and save the email address. Give the circle a name you will remember ideally "Facebook Account".

Now all you need to do when updating your Facebook status is to write the status in the share box and select your Facebook account circle ad click "Share"

Now for Twitter.

This is a bit more hastle due to the fact  that twitter doesn't have an update via email function.So we are relying on someone elses Twitter app.

Go to and click the sign in with twitter button at the top left. This will connect your twitter account with the app.

You don't need to to check any of the boxes or put your email in, but you may like some of the offered features. Click "Save and go".

Now go to the top left and select the drop-down where your twitter user name is displayed and press "Settings", this will take you to your account settings,

Now click Twittermail. You will now see the email displayed. you now need to copy the email address  and add it to a circle the same way you did with the Facebook email. or add it to the same circle making sharing with multiple accounts easily.

you may need to copy each section of the email into a text editor then copy the whole thing into google+. Because at the time of writing this when you click off the text box after pasting in the first section it will disappear.

Now you have the facility to post to Twitter and Facebook  from your Google+ account. Enjoy.

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