Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Idat 101 Site Project - Part 1 - Beginning

Working in pairs, we had to choose a site within a 2 mile radius of the University. On this site were are supposed to document everything we can using all resources, it could be the history of the ste, any storys, the people, how the site changes, noise levels etc...The site me and Christian chose was the train station. It connects many people from one place to another. The activity of the station all depends on different times during the day, what day it is and what time of year.

We started off by taking a few photographs.

Next I edited the photos in the form of image notation.

Making the images abstract. Using seperate coloured lines for the male and femails in the image give an idea of the male to femail corrolation. Also shows the distance, smaller lines further away the people are.

Blocked colour, geometric blocks fitting into the geometric forms of the man made structures.

This image displays the heat given off by the people at the station. Heat from orange for warm to blue for cold.

Abstracting image using geometric shapes for the people slightly blurred to enable the colours to merge better.

This is the result of me drawing a path of people through the car park to the station. I then removed the image to leave the movement lines.

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Glennis said...

Interesting project, must have been fun.