Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Bluetooth Mapping

We chose the Roland Levinsky Building For our subject of study.
Each level we used our phones to map the bluetooth usage.

Below: here are the leves of Roland Levinsky with the names of the bluetooth devices I have found. I have also drawn tracks to where i have found the same devices on each level. This could be due to the strength of their bluetooth signal or them moving from floor to floor.

Day 1

Day 2

Below: Graph of the scanned. You can see the relationship of where the bluetooth is mostly used. From ground to third floor there is the most bluetooth activity, we can see this from the large dome shape.corrolation of bluetooth between the floors on the 2 days in which we

Below: here are the connection lines of the level images. Taking them away from the background allows us to see the lines more clearly.

Here is my image created to show more clearly the concentration of bluetooth signals within the building. This could also relate to the population of each level (this information was based on data collected over 2 days)

Heres my time based image. Time is shown horizontally, bluetooth activity levels are shown in colour.

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